We saw complaints on the official past paper folder on social media. So we decided to release what C Hings have been sharing with us internally to all of QC.

  • Contains past paper from 2014 to 2020 (though some of them are lost to time)
  • User-friendly file structure, by form then by subject
  • Password protected to ensure only QC members get it (so authority will give us less trouble)

Follow this link for the past paper files.

Password: favourite colour(s) of dress liked by a QC teacher, in order, in English, in lowercase, added together with nothing between.
e.g. If the favourite colour(s) of dress liked by QC teachers are black, grey, and white, then the password will be blackgreywhite.

You can open it with Google Drive’s ZIP Extractor if you don’t want to download it all at once.

Known issues:

  • Chinese characters in file names may not extract correctly.

Contact us here if you have suggestions or comments. We may do it when we have time.