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Open days (are) confirmed to be cancelled, both virtual and f2f (…)

We have words from the school that the Queen’s College Open Days 2022 is cancelled while the student council cabinet Aqua hasn’t released any statement to students yet.

Accepting content submissions

We don’t want content for the open days website to go to waste.1 We’ll consider accepting content from clubs or groups. Just submit text and images then we’ll transform it into a website for you. We accept .md format which allows styling in a WhatsApp / Discord-like way.2 We don’t want .pdf files as they don’t provide a good browsing experience.

We’ll keep this updated. Contact us here for submissions or if you have suggestions / comments. We may do it when we have time.

  1. From when we last heard from Aqua, they requested all content for the open days website to be submitted by 17 June, back when the open days were push to 5-6 August. So content from clubs / societies for the open days website are supposedly completed. (Though that is unlikely since the schedule was unrealistic.) ↩︎

  2. .md files are just like .txt files but allows easy and flexible formatting that can be converted into websites. You’ve been using markdown syntax if you’ve styled text in WhatsApp or Discord by surrounding text with **↩︎